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Faber Welcomes New Attorney with a Unique Background and Commitment to Public Service

Paul Wagoner

With a combination of military training, litigation experience and life science industry knowledge, Paul Wagoner is a valuable new addition to the Faber team. He comes to the firm having spent more than a decade providing counsel to public officials, senior military commanders and life science executives. “Paul’s experience as a litigator and client counselor provides Faber’s clients with access to a unique assessment of risk management and strategy to achieve business objectives,” said Faber Principal Sumy Daeufer.

The nature of the Faber team played a big role in Wagoner’s decision to join the firm. “During the interview process, I saw immediately the qualities of a Faber employee. Extreme ownership and personal responsibility for the firm’s success, a commitment to collaboration to serve our clients without any need for individual credit, and an approach to legal issues that considers our clients’ unique business needs. I immediately wanted to be a part of it!”

Having a background in public service, Wagoner has a great appreciation for Faber’s innovative philanthropic efforts. “I saw that client work at Faber is complemented and strengthened by an abiding commitment to promote ‘the cause of the defenseless or oppressed,’ as many attorney oaths require.”    

Wagoner hopes to help further the firm’s equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiative by contributing to its Strategic Planning Committee, which he views as an integral part of the firm. “In my view, we must treat EDI as a skill that we are all individually and collectively responsible for developing. This viewpoint ensures that our clients see us struggling with the same issues they are. And, just as importantly, it helps us to foster a welcoming environment for all Faber personnel to achieve their professional and personal goals.”

In this new position, Wagoner advises clients on a wide range of transactions in support of their R&D activities. Daeufer is excited to see what Wagoner can contribute to the firm given his background and expertise. “I’m confident that his experience will enhance the team’s pragmatic, business savvy approach to providing counsel to clients.”

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