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Faber Announces 11 Employee Promotions

With an ongoing commitment to recognize the professional development of its team, Faber Daeufer & Itrato recently promoted 11 employees. These employees continue to provide exceptional counsel or supportive services, leveraging their deeper experience and the diversity of perspectives they collectively bring to their work.

The list of promotions are as follows:

Jacqui Hall has been promoted to Senior of Counsel. Jacqui advises mature biopharma companies on a broad range of complex license agreements and manufacturing agreements, helps develop the firm’s internal forms and resources, and trains junior and mid-level associates.

Elizabeth Keegan has been promoted to Senior Counsel. Liz advises early and mid-stage life sciences companies in various license and manufacturing agreements, complex master services agreements, and contracting for global clinical studies.

Gina Wu has been promoted to Senior Counsel. Gina advises clients in academic and commercial licensing transactions, manufacturing agreements, and contracting in support of global clinical trials. She recently helped lead the Faber Danforth webinar series on best practices for drug development companies.

Haritha Ambros has been promoted to Counsel. Haritha advises emerging companies with venture financings and corporate governance, and she assists entrepreneurs and founding scientists with employment, consulting, and equity compensation agreements. For the past 2 years, she has served as chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative.

M. Masaya Seltzer has been promoted to Counsel. Masaya works with life science clients on research, drug development, and clinical matters, regularly advising senior clinical leadership on contracting strategies with CROs, study sites, and related ancillary service providers. He also assists clients in addressing supply chain contracting matters.

Heather Centauro has been promoted to Counsel. Heather works closely with clients’ R&D and clinical trial leadership, regularly advising on contracting strategies and related transactions that accelerate drug development at the pre-clinical and clinical stages.  For the past 2 years, she has served as chair of the firm’s EDI Educational and Cultural Events Subcommittee.

Nirosha Sithirapathy has been promoted to Counsel. Nirosha is a key member of the firm’s team supporting contracting for global clinical studies, using her experience to create specialized templates and negotiate bespoke clinical trial agreements spanning more than 50 countries. She has been the primary coordinator on some of the largest studies sponsored by the firm’s multinational clients.

Hani Bekdash has been promoted to Associate Director, Contracts Specialist. Hani works with a broad range of clients establishing the framework for large, multi-center international clinical studies and development goals.

Patricia Wolfe has been promoted to Contracts Specialist. For several years, Patricia has been involved in project management for large-scale clinical studies, and is now expanding the scope of her work to include drafting and negotiating a variety of template-based agreements for clinical trial sites.

Suzann Thomas has been promoted to Senior Director of Finance & Operations. Suzann oversees the firm’s finance and budgeting functions, and supervises a team of administrative assistants and document production specialists. She also works closely with the Director of Human Resources to assist with the administration of payroll and employee benefit programs.

Mary Vacherweill has been promoted to Senior Applications Administrator. Mary is part of the leadership team of the firm’s extraordinary IT department, and is responsible for deploying, integrating, and providing training and support for Faber’s software applications.

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