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The Faber Difference

Training and Professional Development

We have a strong commitment to providing opportunities for learning and advancement, including carefully constructed career ladders and on-going personalized professional development planning.
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Faber is uniquely invested in the learning and continued education of each member of our team.

Training at Faber

Faber is dedicated to the development of our employees and focuses on training at both broad and individualized levels. Training for our associates includes shadowing experienced colleagues, reviewing precedent to develop a knowledge of the basis for agreements, as well as attending technical training sessions which are held throughout the year.

Training can also include working with senior lawyers on special projects outside the pressures of an active client matter. One of the firm’s former Principals, Jon Linden, has retired from active client work and has taken a role at the firm dedicated to the development of training materials and to teaching lawyers and contracts specialists.

Faber does Training Differently

Faber has instituted a mentorship program with the goals of ensuring a smooth transition for new hires, supporting our employees in developing professional skills and leadership, and enabling the transfer of knowledge throughout the firm.

Mentors serve as a source of support outside of an employee’s relationship with their manager and are assigned on an individualized basis, taking into account a Mentee’s professional and personal workplace goals.

Mentors include Subject Matter Mentors, who provide expertise in certain areas, Peer Mentors, who are of similar seniority and work to share knowledge and cultivate each other’s strength, and "Soft Skills" Mentors, who help develop a mentee's skills in areas like conflict resolution, team-work, and time management.

The Training Committee comprised of senior lawyers from different areas of the firm who help customize individual professional development plans and supervise the training and development of the firm’s lawyers and contracts specialists.

The Training Committee meets monthly to evaluate training progress, and to discuss the best way to customize, design, and support each employees unique training plan. For attorneys, training may involve shadowing more senior lawyers, working for clearance on different agreements, and attending specialized training sessions. The Training Committee strives to be an ever-evolving resource that each employee can rely on to support their individual training goals.

We invest heavily to support our employees in reaching their professional goals, starting by helping to design individualized, annual, Professional Development Plans. Each plan is made thoughtfully, combining the in-sight and goals of each employee with the expertise and knowledge of their managers and firm leadership, and may address broadening legal skills, becoming an external communicator and thought-leader, developing client relationship management skills, engaging in firm management, etc. Employees are provided with professional support and guidance, and financing support, to accomplish their goals.

A dedicated staff meeting committee works to develop educational monthly staff meetings which are presented for all firm employees on a range of topics. Topics discussed include state of law updates, technical and software training, firm updates, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion related topics. 

As an accredited CLE provider, Faber also has the resources and expertise to lead internally presented legal education topics. Faber also frequently welcomes external presenters to speak on other legal areas of interest, ranging from data privacy, tax updates, employment law updates, as well as a number of other topics.

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