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NMPJ Inside Sculpture
Memorial Sculpture at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Black Civil Rights Education

Subcommittee Goals

The Black Civil Rights Education Subcommittee is committed to educating firm members about the history of civil rights for black Americans, and providing information about current issues affecting the community. The subcommittee hopes to continue highlighting current events for firm members who are non-minority, and who may not otherwise have exposure to minority perspectives and experiences.

“Speaking on the firm with book club, "It opened up discussions, and provided a valuable opportunity to explore different viewpoints"”
⸺ Katisha Brown, Black Civil Rights Education Subcommittee Chair
Katisha Brown, Black Civil Rights Education Subcommittee Chair

Black Civil Rights Education Projects

Black Civil Rights Employee Education Experience

A unique initiative that allows all Faber employees the opportunity to visit the Civil Rights Trail in Alabama. The trip cost and museum entry fees are covered by the firm. Some highlights to be visited include The Legacy Museum and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, The Rosa Parks Museum, the Civil Rights Memorial Center, and many others.

EDIC Book Club

The BCRE co-hosted a book club with the Educational and Cultural Events Programming Subcommittee. The book club provided a platform for open discussion on complex and important issues faced by economic and racially marginalized groups.

MASS Design Group Presentation

Guest speakers from MASS Design Group spoke to the firm about some of the projects they have undertaken. These projects include the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, made in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative. MASS also talked about the Gun Violence Memorial Project, as well as the Restorative Justice Lab within MASS that focuses on issues related to incarceration.

The latest news from Black Civil Rights Education

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Subcommittee Chair

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