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About our Firm

We have first-hand experience, and we know our clients' ecosystems.

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Who we are

We are a firm of former biotech in-house counsels and business leaders, venture capital professionals and pharmaceutical contract specialists.

A unique understanding

Most of our lawyers and contracts specialists have in-house experience, and so they more completely appreciate the operational realities that our clients face.  They apply this perspective to counseling clients and developing better solutions to the transactional opportunities and challenges our clients encounter.

Hands-On Experience

Our professionals have played many roles in the biotech, biopharma, and pharmaceutical industries before they joined Faber. Some previously held positions include:

  • Laboratory bench scientist for global pharmaceutical company
  • OGC attorney for leading academic research institution
  • Chief business officer for venture-backed biotech company
  • Contracts specialist for pre-clinical CRO
  • Attorney for European clinical CRO
  • Attorney for VC/PE firm
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What makes Faber different, at its core, are the unique principles under which the firm was founded.

Our founding

Faber began as a small team of professionals, both lawyers and contracts specialists, who’d worked together in-house at a dynamic biopharmaceutical company. 

They shared a vision to create a dynamic, diverse, independent law firm that would provide sophisticated, customized business counsel for life sciences clients and strive to provide a unique combination of “best-in-class” work product, advice, and service.  And they committed to remember that professional employees do not exist to serve the firm; rather the firm exists to provide for its professional employees an optimized combination of financial reward, professional time commitment, working environment and culture, and intellectual challenge. 

Nearly 20 years later, Faber has worked with over 2,000 clients, and employs over 50 professionals.

The Faber Difference

Our goal is to provide a workplace that is consciously inclusive, and focuses on understanding, appreciating, and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our team. We believe that listening to and engaging with different ideas and perspectives allows us to have a better understanding and appreciation for the world around us, to create a work environment for employees that’s engaging and comfortable, and ultimately to provide better advice and service to our clients.

As part of our firm’s primary goals, we also actively participate in philanthropic and community engagement initiatives that aim to address important needs in our society – often focusing on unmet medical and healthcare needs in historically underserved populations, and often partnering with our clients to add leverage to the work they may be doing to provide research funding, support for patient education, and access to medicines.

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At Faber, we understand the importance of a thoughtfully developed training program

We are committed to not only preliminary training, but also to the continued education and professional development of our employees throughout their careers.

Our values and community engagement

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