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Faber Announces BUILD Boston Corporate Sponsorship

With a continuous commitment to philanthropy and community service, Faber Daeufer & Itrato recently became a corporate sponsor of BUILD Boston, an innovative entrepreneurship program for underserved high school students. BUILD Boston, per their mission statement, endeavors to “ignite the power of youth in under-resourced communities to build Career success, Entrepreneurial mindsets, and Opportunity” so they can become the “CEO(s) of their own lives.”

Philanthropy Committee member Mary Vacherweill explained, “Faber was first introduced to BUILD when one of our attorneys volunteered for the program. When contacted for more information, BUILD prepared an outstanding presentation that detailed the scope and significance of the work they are doing.” The Faber Philanthropy Committee recognized the wonderful opportunity that Faber had to assist young people in underrepresented groups, and to partner with the BUILD program, which has had a proven long-term positive effect.

Under the leadership of Ayele Shakur, who now serves as the CEO of BUILD National, the Boston site has grown to serve more than 300 students from six schools annually. Along the way, the organization launched a variety of innovative pilot programs, including:

  • Cookie Boss, founded in 2012 by a team of 9th graders, won first place at BUILD's annual pitch competition. Selling more than $40,000 in customized cookies, the program was successfully managed by three graduating classes of students.
  • In 2018, BUILD Boston launched the Business Pathways Program in partnership with Bunker Hill Community College. Students at Charlestown High School gained real college credit for their completion of BUILD business courses.
  • BUILD is co-leading the pilot of a new initiative called Campus Without Walls (CWW), a “framework that leverages the power of public schools and technology to promote greater equity, access, opportunity, and liberation for all students.” With a statewide collaboration of schools, universities, employers, nonprofits, and out-of-school-time providers, CWW will provide students with access to “meaningful, student-centered, relevant and rigorous” education.

“Now, more than ever, America needs entrepreneurship education,” states the organization’s website. “BUILD is recognized as a leader in teaching self-agency, resilience & grit, growth mindset and helping high school students to develop social capital, financial literacy, and valuable 21st Century skills. As an entrepreneurial organization working at the intersection of education innovation, racial equity, and community, BUILD is uniquely positioned to not only address the challenges our students face navigating high school, college, and career success, but also drive lasting social change.”

Through the one-year program, students develop valuable business skills, such as developing business ideas, pitching investors, and managing the day-to-day tasks of running a business. In 2018, BUILD Boston was selected by Boston Public Schools as one of their top nonprofit partners. As stated on the BUILD website, “We now recognize that it’s not enough for us to work within a system not built for equity – we have to work to change the system itself.” Faber is honored to contribute to such an impactful organization. To learn more about BUILD Boston, visit their website at https://build.org/boston/.

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