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Experienced Lawyers

For more experienced lawyers who are considering between private practice and in-house opportunities, we offer something different – a professional opportunity that tries to package the best of both worlds.

Finding the Balance

Our firm was founded by a group of lawyers and contracts specialists who wanted to work in an independent professional practice, and with a business model that does not simply prioritize generation of profit but rather seeks to optimize 4 elements of success—

We don’t match the BigLaw pay scale; but we do provide compelling annual compensation and opportunities for growth and financial recognition of professional achievement; we provide extraordinary benefits (including full firm funding of health insurance premiums and deductibles (and most co-pays), generous retirement plan contributions, and paid sabbaticals); and we provide flexibility to pursue professional development outside the strict channel of a fixed-year partnership track.

We expect full-time lawyers to work hard, but that means targeting 1600 billable hours per year, not 2000+ hours.

Faber is a diverse professional community that includes lawyers currently living in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. We regularly organize multi-day practice team meetings in Boston and New York so that colleagues can discuss recent case studies, learn from clients and industry leaders, share meals and cultural experiences, participate in philanthropic service, and renew friendships.

      We provide opportunity to work as part of one of the most deeply experienced and broadly talented teams of biopharma transactional lawyers that few law firms or legal departments can match.

We provide varied and exciting work – our 500+ active clients are international, range from start-ups to fully commercialized pharmaceutical companies, include academic research institutions and leading venture capital investors, are conducting cutting-edge research in gene editing, cell therapy, mRNA delivery, etc., and are putting together interesting and complex deals to accelerate their value creation.

Exceptional benefits

We provide our employees very competitive salary and bonus compensation, exceptional benefits, strong mentoring and professional development support, and work-life balance. Some of those benefits include:

  • PPO Medical and Dental Insurance Plans (In-Network and Out-of-Network coverage), with our firm covering 100% of family insurance premiums and deductibles for full-time employees
  • 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan, with our firm contributing 3% (up to legal limit), and in past years contributing an additional 2% profit sharing
  • Fully paid Parental leave for up to 12 weeks
  • Sabbatical Program: Every employee (other than a current/former Principal) with at least 8 years of tenure at the firm (since their last sabbatical, if any) is eligible for 8 weeks of fully paid sabbatical leave. An employee requesting sabbatical must share with the firm what they’re planning to do and why those activities are meaningful and rejuvenating to them.
  • 100% Employer –Paid Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Commuter Benefit Program
  • Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Programs
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • A generous employee referral bonus program
  • Black Civil Rights Employee Education Experience, with the firm covering costs for employees to travel with their families to visit the EJI Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL

Interested in joining our team?

To communicate your interest in joining the firm, please send us an email.

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