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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The Women’s Initiative

Subcommittee Goals

The Women's Initiative Subcommittee seeks to support women throughout all levels of the firm. The subcommittee also aims to bring attention to professional issues that are unique to women, so that all employees are aware of those challenges and can work together to overcome them. The subcommittee offers business development training and other resources to women at Faber.

“"We’ve created a safe space for questions through provoking communication.””
⸺ Liz Keegan, Women's Initiative Subcommittee Member
Liz Keegan, Women's Initiative Subcommittee Member

Women's Initiative Projects

Speaker Series

In the Speaker Series, six highly successful and prominent women volunteered their time to speak with firm members about their career paths and issues facing women in the workplace. These speakers represented a variety of different backgrounds and leadership roles both in and out of the biotech industry

Business Development Coaching

The subcommittee engaged Elizabeth Munnell, an accomplished business development and career coach, to provide group and individual coaching to members of the Women's Initiative Subcommittee.

Women's Initiative Forum

The Women’s Initiative forum was created to discuss issues affecting women in the workplace, career development and other EDI topics. It provides an environment where the women of the firm can openly communicate about topics which are unique to them.

The latest from women at Faber

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Subcommittee Chair

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