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Original 5 Faber Founders

The Faber Difference

Firm History

The firm started and grew around the core idea that effective and value-oriented client relationships grow from actively engaging with a client about its business interests viewed from near and long-term perspectives.

Where it began

The founders of Faber came to know one another as senior professionals in the rapidly evolving biopharmaceutical industry of the early 2000s. Having worked together in one of the strongest in-house transactional law departments then existing in biopharma, each of the founders had pragmatic business focus, experience in strategy leadership and deep substantive knowledge.

They were a team that had the character, personality and mindset to reimagine the traditional law firm business model.

Reimagining the "Traditional" Law Firm

Their collective breadth of experience would allow them to create a law firm uniquely capable of immediately offering a range of transactional and advisory services tailored for the specific needs of biopharmaceutical companies and institutions.

With their varied in-house experiences, the founders also knew how entities built around scientific developments in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals worked best, what their specific needs for transactional assistance were, where challenges might arise, and how they might evolve in a high risk, high reward environment.

Kori and Alex

Our knowledge, in-house experience, and commitment to client service create an exceptional, personalized law firm experience for our clients.

Contracts Specialists 

A unique value proposition

From its inception, the Firm valued the complementary roles of lawyers and non-lawyer contracts specialists in biopharma companies. In-house legal departments in small and large organizations have and continue to leverage the role of experienced contracts specialists to achieve transactional goals.

The Firm sought to offer a similar valuation proposition as an external resource by having experienced contracts specialists, working under lawyer supervision, as part of its professional team. In particular, contracts specialists have permitted Faber to provide cost-efficient services for those agreements most commonly used in the industry that are frequently template-based and implemented on a high-throughput basis, but that often contain critical IP and risk allocation terms that are aggressively negotiated by vendors, clinical study sites, and other counterparties..

The use of contracts of specialists is another way the Firm has effectively aligned the way it provides services to the way a biopharma client is best able to achieve transactional value in a cost-effective way.

Susan Smiling at Computer

Comprehensive foresight

It remains a central principle for the Firm to deliver advice that draws on its experience in a manner that can be right sized to where a client is today, while keeping in mind where they want to be tomorrow.

From its earliest days, our lawyers and contracts specialists worked with client leaders to expand understanding and sensitivity to topics beyond the leaders’ immediate expertise to achieve valuable transactional results that encompass a wide range of relevant issues.

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