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Client Groups

Companies Developing and Commercializing Medical Devices, Diagnostics, & Laboratory Equipment

At Faber, we’ve represented 2,000+ clients in life sciences, healthcare IT, medical devices and engineering technology.


For emerging science-based companies, well designed commercial agreements can drive revenue, profitability and competitive advantage. You need contracts that support your economic goals, maintain your leverage and manage risk. But the clock is ticking, and you need counsel who are both experienced and efficient.

Whether you need an online click-through agreement or a tailored contract for a major project, our counsel is practical, responsive and “real world.” 

We write streamlined documents that protect your interests, respect your turnaround needs, and are cost-effective.

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Our transactional experience includes a wide variety of commercial agreements, covering diagnostics and lab equipment, SAAS, cloud-based applications, enterprise software and more, including:

  • End user software licenses
  • Complex hardware system sales and support
  • Systems integration
  • Maintenance and service
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