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University Collaborations

Not-for-profit research institutions are strong sources and drivers of innovation.


Collaborating with universities, research hospitals and foundations is an increasingly important way for companies to accelerate value creation – whether the field is life science, healthcare IT, medical devices or engineering technology.

These relationships are challenging to structure, and there’s often great pressure to conclude an agreement quickly and with modest cost.  

You want to be sure your critical interests are protected, and to ensure that your contract can withstand future due diligence by potential investors, underwriters and commercial partners.


At Faber, we have an extensive practice devoted to collaborations between industry and academic institutions. Our 2000+ clients have included public and venture-backed companies, investors, academic researchers and entrepreneurs, foundations and other not-for-profit entities, and some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe.

Greg Ikonen

We regularly work with startups seeking to in-license their core technology, as well as more established companies looking for complementary discovery and development expertise. We have helped academic institutions negotiate intellectual property licenses, organize consortiums and optimize their investments in companies that are further developing technology invented in the institutions’ labs.

Our transactional experience includes:

  • In-licensing of compounds, processes and platform technologies developed by academia and other nonprofits
  • Sponsored research
  • Academic consulting
  • Materials transfer arrangements
  • Research collaborations
  • Clinical development collaborations
  • Consortiums

A Devoted Team

We have more professionals focused on this area than you’re likely to find anywhere else, including lawyers and contracts specialists who have devoted their entire careers to these collaborations, and have worked in-house in these institutions. We recognize that the cultures of these institutions are unique, leading to profoundly different approaches to contracting. And we know how to navigate the negotiation in order to get the job done efficiently, without sacrificing important details. Based on our significant market knowledge, we can advise you on prioritizing goals in negotiations and efficiently finding common ground.

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+ Université de Montréal

Research and Option Agreement to Acquire Exclusive License

Faber assisted Ipsen with a Research and Option Agreement under which Université de Montréal would conduct a lead optimization program on a high-value oncology program. Upon exercise of the option at the end of the research term, Ipsen would acquire an exclusive license for the worldwide rights to the program

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Massachusetts Eye and Ear + Lonza Houston, Inc.

Strategic Licensing Agreement

Strategic Licensing Agreement for Next-Generation Gene Therapy Technologies

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Yumanity Therapeutics + New York Stem Cell Foundation

Discovery Collaboration

Discovery Collaboration Focused on Generation of Stem Cell Lines to Enable Development of Novel Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases

+ Weill Cornell Medical

Exclusive License Agreement

Gene Therapy Alliance with Weill Cornell Medical through a series of 3 exclusive license agreements and a services agreement for research, development and commercialization of multiple AAV-based gene therapy indications

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Atara Biotherapeutics + Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Technology License

Exclusive license of clinical-stage T-cell therapy technology

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Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG Logo

Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG + Gilead Sciences

Program Sale

Sale of Phenex’s FXR program for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and other liver diseases

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