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Strategic Transactions

You’re with a science-based company that’s contemplating a strategic deal. You’re looking for lawyers who combine business acumen with rigorous attention to legal detail and an appreciation for the time-sensitive nature of your opportunity.

If the strategic transaction would trigger a change of control of your company, you may need help managing complicated deal processes and coordinating investment bankers, accountants, and regulatory consultants, as well as current investors. On the other hand, if the strategic transaction involves one of your company’s key programs, you’ll need counsel with deep understanding of your underlying business to help structure a deal that aligns with your strategic priorities.


At Faber, we’ve negotiated strategic transactions for 1000+ clients in life science, healthcare IT, medical devices and engineering technology. These strategic transactions have included:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Options to acquire
  • Joint ventures
  • Purchases and spin-outs of divisions, facilities and programs
  • Strategic investments
  • Exclusive out-licenses of technologies and products

We have a large team working in this practice, including many lawyers who have been executives or in-house legal counsel for fast-growing technology companies. So we understand how a contract’s fine points can affect a company’s operations and what it takes to successfully conclude these agreements.

A senior lawyer will spearhead your deal. Where appropriate, he or she will call upon colleagues in our licensing and collaboration practice to leverage their skills and experience. We’ll help you navigate contentious negotiations and stay focused on the key issues.  

Contact us to learn how we can steer your strategic transaction to a rewarding outcome.