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David Schrag

Senior Director of Information Technology 

David ensures that the firm’s information systems are highly effective, reliable, and secure.

By leveraging partnerships with leading service providers in the legal technology field, David has created the type of computing environment typically found in much larger firms.

David joined Faber in 2014 with 17 years of experience as a small business technology consultant. David previously worked in the public sector at the state and federal levels.

More about David

‍Founder & Owner



‍Spade Technology

‍Team Leader

‍The Telluride Group‍

‍Assistant Director of Finance and Operations

Providence Children’s Museum

‍Finance Director

‍Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance

‍Finance Director

‍Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Program Analyst

US Department of Health and Human Services

David serves on the Program Planning Council of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). He has also been a planner and speaker for ILTACON, the annual educational conference.

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