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Lynn Bourgeois

Web Coordinator and Senior Administrative Assistant​ 


As the firm's Web Coordinator and one of the firm's Senior Administrative Assistants, Lynn brings more than 15 years of experience.

She serves as the website team project manager, helping to organize and curate content for the firm’s public site. She is also working with the firm’s IT team to complete a full redesign of the intranet page. Lynn provides valuable training to other administrative team members and helps them in their support of the firm’s attorneys and contract specialists. She also coordinates all building related business for the New York, Waltham and Philadelphia locations.

More about Lynn

Legal Assistant

Fuller, Rosenburg, Palmer and Beliveau, LLP
  • Provided day to day support for one of the firm’s partners
  • The firm's primary IT resource
  • The go-to person for the day to day computer issues

Prior to working in the legal field, Lynn was a graphic designer. She ran and operated a successful graphic design firm for five years.

Lynn and her dog Maddie previously assisted with a therapy dog team. Lynn adopted the pointer mix and nursed her back to health before getting her involved with the Pets and People Foundation.

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