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Katisha M. J. Brown

Senior Contracts Specialist 


Katisha brings extensive in-house experience to her contracting work with Faber's biopharma industry clients.

A thoughtful negotiator, she has drafted, negotiated and administered a wide range of template-based agreements in support of R&D operations, including but not limited to, master services agreements, consulting agreements, and confidential disclosure agreements. Katisha also supports contracting in connection with global clinical studies.

More about Katisha

Senior Contract Manager

Kintai Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Prepared, reviewed, and negotiated various agreements in support of R&D operations
  • Led and implemented company-wide legal immersion contracts training
  • Proactively trained and educated new hires on contract review and submission processes, establishing the rights of the parties, and the importance of protecting proprietary/confidential information and trade secrets

Associate Contract Manager

Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Prepared, reviewed, and negotiated various agreements in support of R&D operations.
  • Conducted Procurement and Contracts new hire trainings for employees, contractors and consultants.

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