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Jennifer Creamer

Client Relationship Analyst 

Jennifer’s role is to evaluate and strengthen professional relationships between the firm and its clients and to support the firm’s development of new client relationships.

Her duties include maintaining the firm’s experience database, designing and preserving the firm’s branding and voice, planning and coordinating both online and in-person events, developing external facing client materials, and creating content for the firm’s website and LinkedIn page.

More about Jennifer

Administrative Assistant/Assistant Recruiter

New England Legal Search
  • Screened applications and resumes to confirm candidate eligibility
  • Managed company-wide database
  • Maintained and updated company calendar Education

Patient Experience Lead/Administrator

  • Maintained patient communication via e-mail, text, and phone
  • Responsible for sending insurance claims and insurance company follow up
  • Managed numerous tracking software for organization and streamlined business processes
  • Created patient contracts, payment plans, ledgers and reports to manage payments

Barre-Tender (Desk Staff)

Pure Barre
  • Input and maintenance of customer data and liability forms
  • Assisted clients with pricing information, merchandise and classes
  • Produced engaging social media content to promote Pure Barre brand

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