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Seasoned Health and Research Attorney Joins the Faber Team

Michelle Irick
Michelle Irick

Faber recently welcomed Michelle Irick as a new firm associate. With significant experience assisting life sciences clients in various clinical study-related contractual matters, Irick provides clients with highly skilled counsel. Throughout her career, she has facilitated a broad range of studies, from cutting edge stem cell research to basic science research uncovering foundational principles. “Michelle brings to Faber a valuable perspective on R&D and clinical agreements and issues based on her experience working on complex, hybrid agreements and privacy and other compliance issues in the legal departments of large academic hospitals,” said Faber principal Sumy Daeufer.

Irick said that Faber’s reputation preceded her formal introduction to the firm. “I heard great things from recruiters and colleagues alike. As a research regulatory and health law attorney who has focused on negotiating a wide array of research-related agreements in the academic research space, I felt that Faber would be the right place to take the next step in my career.” Since joining the firm, Irick has come to further appreciate Faber’s collaborative environment, as well as its commitment to supporting its employees. “The team supports one another so that we can all do our best. It is really a special group of professionals who are amazing at what they do.”

Philanthropy is very important to Irick, and Faber’s emphasis on giving back influenced her decision to join the firm. “It’s not just a workplace; it’s a certain positive, proactive culture and worldview that says, ‘I’m not going to just talk the talk, I’m going to walk the walk.’ Not only does that show tremendous integrity that carries through in everything the firm does, but it shows that Faber really cares.”  

Irick looks forward to working on a wide variety of transactions with the Faber team. In addition to learning new skills, she hopes to continue building her knowledgebase in the research space. “Anyone who knows me knows that I have a sense of intellectual curiosity that’s like an engine that pretty much drives everything I do, so I am so excited to have a joined a firm that seems to subscribe to this philosophy as well! Faber is a place that helps you hone your skills, encourages you to keep growing, and challenges you with new things, and this really appealed to me.”

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