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Faber Becomes First Law Firm to Gain “Road Warrior” Certification

Working from anywhere in the world and under any conditions are two critical factors in providing great service to a global client base. To ensure that the firm meet these demands, Faber became the first law firm to have its professional and administrative staff gain certification in the “Road Warrior” competency by the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4). The certification recognizes Faber’s staff’s ability to be highly productive and maintain data security while working from home, on an airplane, or in any other location around the world.

To obtain certification, Faber designed a training curriculum and assessment methodology and had the materials vetted by an LTC4 peer group. The curriculum covered travel preparations, working in unfamiliar environments, options for telecommunications, and dealing with the loss or breakage of a computer or smartphone.

LTC4 is a non-profit organization that has created industry-standard, product-agnostic core competencies covering nine distinct skill sets. As the first law firm to obtain the Road Warrior certification for staff, Faber now stands as a model for other firms seeking the same recognition. Faber has long-range plans for certification in all nine LTC4 core competencies.

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