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Katherine Pinto Joins Faber as Director of Human Resources

Faber Daeufer & Itrato recently announced Katherine Pinto as the firm’s Director of Human Resources. With more than a decade of HR experience, Pinto has a proven track record of helping law firms manage and enhance employee relations. Firm principal, Joe Faber, said the practice is fortunate to add Pinto’s skills, experience, and judgment to its operational management team. He stated, “Katherine has worked for many years in human resources roles in law firms and knows the unique challenges they face in attracting talent, retaining talent, designing work environments that optimize service to clients, and creating career advancement opportunities.”

Katherine Pinto Bio Photo
Katherine Pinto

Pinto began consulting with Faber during the pandemic, working on project-based assignments, before transitioning into her new position earlier this year. Pinto said that she enjoyed getting to know the operations team during her time as a consultant and was very impressed with the firm’s leadership. “They are really invested and take a unique approach to their treatment of the firm’s operations staff. They demonstrate a commitment to fully involving non-lawyers in the decision-making and growth of the firm.”

Pinto was also impressed by the firm’s dedication to philanthropically engaging with both local and global causes. “When they say that they are going to start an initiative, they make a commitment to it,” she said. “That is really special, and I’m excited to get my hands into everything.”

According to Faber, even though Pinto’s initial role within the firm was limited, she was able to build strong relationships with the firm’s employees and managers. “Now, in this new role of directly leading our HR function, we look forward to Katherine continuing to have a genuinely profound impact on our ability to be an ‘employer of choice’ for professionals in the transactional law space.” He also hopes she will continue to, “enhance the firm’s ability to be a ‘counsel of choice’ for clients looking for legal counsel from a team with diverse experiences and perspectives, who are working in a culture that delivers excellent service across metrics that include not just speed and technical quality, but also thoughtfulness, integrity, and personalization.”

Pinto said that she hopes to continue adding value to the firm, whether acting as a support to leadership or firm employees. “The firm is very invested in developing its people and maintaining their success,” she said. “I hope to bridge gaps to help the firm continue to grow while keeping all of its people engaged. It's a great place to work.”

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