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Heather Centauro Transitions from Senior Contracts Specialist to Associate

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Heather Centauro, Chairperson Educational and Cultural Events Programming Subcommittee

Faber recently announced the promotion of Heather Centauro to Associate, making her the first member of the firm’s contracts specialist team to transition to the attorney career track. Faber’s contracts specialist team – which it believes is unique among private law firms – includes an exceptional team of professionals (some without formal legal training and some with legal training). The team helps to efficiently and pragmatically address clients’ needs for day-to-day, high volume, template-based contracting support – including support on consulting agreements, non-clinical and clinical services agreements, clinical study agreements, etc.  Contracts specialists work side-by-side with, and under the supervision of, senior lawyers with deep experience in biopharma R&D contracting.  As a firm associate, Centauro will leverage her now much stronger skill set and broader experience to both supervise work of contracts specialists, and also to take on more complex transactional projects.

Centauro was licensed to practice law before joining Faber, though she started as a contracts specialist. “I really liked the firm and asked about a track for becoming an associate.” Though there was no such internal structure in place at the time, the firm recognized the need for such a pathway and developed a plan for the transition. “The firm provided amazing training, support, and growth opportunities, changing the work that I was assigned and helping me through throughout the process.”  

Centauro feels honored to be the first firm member to transition these career tracks. “I love the work I do, and Faber is such a supportive environment where everyone helps and respects each other. There are not a lot of law firms that offer such a sincere and deep feeling of teamwork – where they care about you as a person and not just as an employee.”

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