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Faber (Again) Represents Many of the Annual "Fierce 15"

December 2018

FierceBiotech recently released its annual “Fierce 15” list, and four of the innovative winners have relied upon Faber lawyers and contract specialists for their transactional representation needs.

The “Fierce 15” list seeks to recognize the “biggest ideas in biotech, the most daring characters in biopharma, and entrepreneurs doing things that haven't been done before.” From a significant group of contenders, FierceBiotech narrows down the list to “15 privately held drug developers or platform biotechs with the potential to have a huge impact on the treatment of human diseases.” It is a celebration of the fierceness, innovation and creativity that makes these biotech companies stand out within a field of fierce competition.

Faber provides transactional representation for Arrakis Therapeutics, Beam Therapeutics, Pandion Therapeutics and Quentis Therapeutics.

  • Arrakis Therapeutics – Launched in February 2017, this Boston-area company is “building a drug discovery platform, using existing tools where it can, and inventing others where needed.” Arrakis is also working on a new class of medicines that target RNAs, a group of macromolecules considered undruggable.
  • Beam Therapeutics - Co-founded by a group of CRISPR researchers, Beam is focusing on a technique known as base editing, which will make it possible to “find, remove and replace a single nucleotide base… without affecting those surrounding it.”
  • Quentis Therapeutics - Founded in 2015, New York-based Quentis is developing a lead inhibitor that “targets IRE1-alpha, a cellular stress pathway contributing to immunity in the solid tumor microenvironment.”
  • Pandion Therapeutics - Founded in early 2017, a Cambridge-based biotechnology company developing bispecific antibody therapeutics to achieve localized immunomodulation at the site of disease for durable, tissue-specific treatment of patients with autoimmune and inflammatory disease and organ transplants.

“We think these 15 pre-IPO biotechs have great potential to become the next big thing in life sciences!” stated FierceBiotech. “They all care deeply about biomedical science and understand the unique pressure to translate every penny they've raised into something truly innovative for patients.”

Faber’s representation of “Fierce 15” winners is not a new development. Of the 90 honorees named within the last six years, Faber has served as transactional counsel, counsel to the primary scientific founders, or counsel to lead investors for over 30 of them.

The Faber attorneys and contract specialists congratulate their clients for making the 2018 “Fierce 15’ list. They are proud to work with so many dynamic new biotech companies and look forward to seeing continued success and recognition for even more of their pioneering clients in the years ahead.

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