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Faber Promotes Adrienne Lazure to Associate Corporate Paralegal

Faber Daeufer & Itrato recently announced the promotion of Adrienne Lazure from Legal Assistant and Senior Administrative Assistant to Associate Corporate Paralegal and Senior Administrative Assistant. A highly skilled administrator, Lazure is excited to expand on her previous role by increasing her involvement in more complex work within the firm’s Corporate Group.

Over the past two years, Adrienne has become an invaluable resource to the firm’s Corporate Finance Practice. As she gained experience in corporate transactions, she worked increasingly with the firm’s lawyers, and with Corporate Paralegal, Susan Bragdon, on coordinating financing closings, mergers and acquisitions closings and the maintenance of corporate record books and capitalization tables. “I am excited to continue on this path because there is so much knowledge still to be gained,” said Lazure. “I am always looking to learn, and I am grateful to have such kind and intelligent people around who are willing to help and mentor me.”

The promotion recognizes and celebrates the growth that Lazure has experienced since joining the firm, and specifically her development while working with the firm’s Corporate Finance Practice. It is also a recognition of Lazure’s important role in strengthening the firm’s ability to efficiently support its clients. “I’m looking forward to further developing my skills and knowledge, and to continuing to assist the firm’s attorneys in executing our clients most important corporate transactions.”

Faber’s firm culture also plays an important role in Lazure’s commitment to the firm. “The culture that leadership has crafted is one that I am happy to be part of; where respect, encouragement, and support are all key aspects of the daily workflow.”

Adrienne Lazure
Adrienne Lazure
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