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Faber Partnering with deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum as a 2020 Corporate Patron

For the fifth consecutive year, Faber Daeufer & Itrato is partnering with deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum as a Corporate Patron supporting the museum and New-England based artists. deCordova provides a beautiful showcase for contemporary art with over 3,400 works in its collection and more than 60 sculptures in its 30-acre park.

Visitors and patrons of the museum have various options for viewing their unique art experiences, from the outdoor sculptures in the Sculpture Park to the contemporary pieces within the museum. Sculpture park exhibits are updated annually so visitors can experience something new each year. Indoor exhibitions change with the seasons, giving artists several opportunities to showcase their pieces.

Through the deCordova corporate membership initiative, Greater Boston area businesses have the unique opportunity to promote new and existing New England artists. Sharon Glennon, Director of Corporate Relations and Art Loan Program, manages the Corporate Membership program. She explained, “The Corporate Membership team manages approximately 100 art installations each year in companies that include cutting-edge tech and biotech firms to real estate development companies looking to enhance their properties and work environments by showcasing original works of art.”

Suzanne Hodes, Times Square
Suzanne Hodes, Times Square

Glennon said she loves visiting the corporate install sites to help companies identify which artwork best expresses their brand and aesthetic. “Interaction with the company employees is also rewarding—it’s always nice to hear how much they enjoy the program, value the benefits, and look forward to the art rotations.”

Corporate partners also receive such valuable benefits as free admission to the Sculpture Park and museum for all employees, gallery rental discounts, and invitations to the museum’s annual Corporate Night reception.  

Jennifer Klahn, the museum’s Deputy Director for External Affairs, explained how valuable corporate gifts help deCordova service the community through art, education, and landscape. With this financial support, the museum has doubled the number of exhibitions and sculpture installations. It has also activated underutilized portions of the park, creating ADA-compliant pathways for the improved accessibility of all visitors. In addition, the museum erected a platform that offers improved views of the museum’s art and unique landscape.

Ellen Slotnick, Acadia Series
Ellen Slotnick, Acadia Series

“We’re proud that our financial contribution will support deCordova’s mission to cultivate emerging local talent and offer programming that enhances public involvement with the arts,” says Joe Faber, a principal with the Faber firm. “Our sponsorship gives us an opportunity to display beautiful samples from the museum’s collection in our Waltham office, serving as a consistent reminder of our commitment to the community.”

The process of selecting display pieces started with a PDF of about 30 options provided by the museum. Faber’s art selection committee then narrowed down the choices to eight pieces, which deCordova brought to the office for viewing. “We got to look at them onsite and pick the four we liked best,” said Lynn Bourgeois, Senior Administrative and Legal Assistant of Faber. “This is always a great project and one I start looking forward to right after the holidays, but this year especially, the process was a lot of fun.”

Karen Gausch, Great Island
Karen Gausch, Great Island

This year, work from the following artists will be displayed throughout the Faber office:

  • Dorothy Arnold. Dorothy Arnold does not inhibit her artistic creativity to use of specific materials. She often uses found objects such as glass, beads, or paper goods to represent her original ideas. Working in landscape, abstraction, and figurative genres, Arnold evokes personal memories and experiences through her paintings with a constant blend of movement and figurative presence. The feeling of movement throughout her work provides the audience with a sense of transition that carries one’s eyes fluidly over the canvas. With national and international acclaim, Arnold graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and she has been showing in solo and group exhibitions for over 25 years. Her numerous accolades include the Massachusetts Artist Fellowship.
  • Karen Gausch. With more than 30 years of working in exhibitions, art collections management, and preventative conservation, Karen Gausch has worked in renowned museums and private collections while also focusing on her own love for painting. With a Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, she now lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. As a member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Gausch shows her work in various spaces around New England.
  • Ellen Slotnick. Ellen Slotnick is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS degree in photography. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Newton Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts and in private collections in the Boston area, California, and Italy. In her recent work, Slotnick explores the relationships between light, shadow, and texture. She studies in various workshops, including those with John Paul Caponigro, on location in the central Maine coast and islands, and with George deWolfe in the Mt. Whitney area of the Sierras and Death Valley in California.
  • Suzanne Hodes. Suzanne Hodes works in a broad range of mediums, including oil, collage, watercolor, charcoal, and monotype. Her work involves deep personal narratives representing individuals who strongly influenced her, such as her mother Helen Hodes and writers Primo Levi and I. B. Singer. She often uses multiple images to suggest the passage of time, and optical reflections in which changes of form and color suggest the shifting aspects of perceptions. In 1982, Hodes co-founded the peace group “Artists For Survival,” which has organized over 100 exhibitions and worked for a nuclear weapons freeze, and now has its archives in the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York. Two of her works were recently added to the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
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“Thanks to donations from our philanthropy committee, Faber has been a member of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum’s corporate lending program for the last several years,” explained Bourgeois.  “As a result, we have enjoyed the loan of some very unique pieces of art and this year’s annual installation of artwork is really beautiful!”

To learn more about deCordova and its corporate art loan program, visit their website at https://thetrustees.org/place/decordova/.

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