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Faber New Hire Sam Chery Contributes In-House Experience to its R&D Transactions Team

Sam Chery
Sam Chery

June 2019

Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC has added a new member to its R&D transactions team by hiring Sam Chery as an Associate.

Prior to joining Faber, Chery served as an Associate Legal Specialist for US Legal Contracting and Transversal Support at Sanofi Genzyme, a company focused on developing specialty treatments for debilitating diseases. Through his work at Sanofi Genzyme’s group in Boston, part of a global pharmaceutical company, Chery has gained a strong mix of practical perspective and understanding of the conduct and coordination of clinical trials.

“Initially, Sam will focus on contracting in support of our clients’ clinical trials,” said Faber Principal Jonathan Linden, “where we are seeing great demand for qualified counsel. Ultimately, he will assist clients with a broader range of transactions supporting research and development activities.”

When choosing to pursue a career with Faber, Chery listed growth potential as a major aspect of his decision. “I had been at a large biopharma for a few years,” he explained, “and really wanted to continue my professional development in a space that provide broader and deeper exposure to lawyering in the biopharmaceutical field, and opportunity for professional and personal growth.”

While Faber’s philanthropic commitments were not at the top of Chery’s list when he initially sought employment with the firm, he soon discovered Faber’s extensive work within the community and around the world. What he learned gave him an even greater appreciation for the firm. “It wasn’t something that was on my mind when I applied, but it was something that put Faber over the top in my mind, once I learned about it.”

Chery has set high expectations for himself as a member of the Faber team. “My hope is to provide top quality service to all my new clients, while growing my practice and career.”

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