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Faber Daeufer & Itrato Welcomes New Associate Emma Phillips

November 2022

Faber recently announced the addition of Emma Phillips to its R & D transactional team. A graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law, Phillips concentrated her legal studies on transactional coursework and honed her skills in contract drafting while working at a small, client-focused firm.

Emma Phillips' Bio Photo
Emma Phillips

Phillips said that she became interested in biotechnology and life sciences spaces during her time in law school and wanted to find a role where she could use her knowledge to support those areas. “One of my main goals as an attorney is to use my knowledge and expertise to help people, and to make the world around me a better place. Faber’s reputation in the life sciences industry is fantastic, and this combined with the firm’s welcoming culture as well as its overall positive impact made the decision to apply, and eventually join the firm, an easy one.”

Her desire to positively impact the world from a philanthropic standpoint also influenced Phillips’ decision to seek employment with Faber. “The fact that Faber emphasizes the importance of philanthropy was a huge factor in my decision to apply- they recognize that one’s professional life and philanthropic efforts can work hand in hand.”

As she looks ahead to her future with Faber, Phillips said that she is eager to learn from an environment which actively encourages growth and continuing education. “The culture here is one that encourages each employee to continue learning and growing at every stage in their career, and in this position, I am excited to consistently learn how to deliver better, more creative services to our clients.” She continued, “Faber prides itself on its excellent quality of work and its proficiency in delivering it, and I’m excited to hone my skills as an attorney to help the firm continue to live up to this reputation.”

Phillips also hopes to set an example for the women who come into the industry after her. “Faber places a great emphasis on its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and as a woman in this field, I feel incredibly supported here. I hope to contribute to this culture and continue this trend in the coming years, and to use my skills and position at Faber to support the women around me.”

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