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Faber Daeufer & Itrato Welcomes Aden Hizkias as an Associate

November 2022

Aden Hizkias
Aden Hizkias

Aden Hizkias recently joined Faber, where she will be supporting the firm’s drug development clients on transactions related to R&D activities. Hizkias is one of three female attorneys joining the practice this fall as first year associates. “We are thrilled to have these three talented women who each bring their own fresh outlook to the firm,” said Faber Counsel Neil Campbell. In her new position, Hizkias hopes to grow her knowledge base and use it to support the firm’s activities. “I want to broaden my experience with a range of R&D agreement types, as well as and how the clinical development field operates in concert with the law.”

Prior to joining Faber, Hizkias earned her law degree from the American University Washington College of Law while completing various internships. “I interned at the Federal Communications Commission, where I researched dockets, and at Public Knowledge where I focused on broadband and comment writing,” said Hizkias. “Additionally, I was a contracted legal researcher for the Brookings Institute where I focused on algorithmic discrimination and served as a student attorney at the Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic.”

Hizkias said that her decision to seek employment with Faber stemmed from the firm’s clinical development work, as well as the comprehensive training and mentorship program that is provided for new associates. She added that the firm’s commitment to philanthropic efforts also played a role. “It was important for me to work in an environment that gives back and improves its community. Seeing Faber's commitment to philanthropy through their donations and donation matching program, their involvement, and their Philanthropy Committee was something that I valued.” Hizkias also expressed her interest in getting involved with the firm’s equity, diversity, and inclusion committee and subcommittees, which each place a focus on different areas of community building.

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