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Faber Announces New Client Relationship Analyst Position

September 2021

Jenny Creamer Bio Photo
Jennifer Creamer

Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC recently added an innovative role to their corporate structure and welcomed a new firm member into the position. Jennifer Creamer has joined the firm as Client Relations Analyst, where she will help maximize client experiences. “My goals in this new position are to help assess where Faber wants to be in the future, and identify what it wants to accomplish,” said Creamer, “as well as determine how to achieve those goals. I also hope to be able to provide analytical insight into the firm’s operations, as it can be incredibly valuable for directing efforts moving forward.”

The new Client Relationship Analyst role encompasses three primary components:

  • Helping to evaluate and improve clients’ experiences working with the firm’s lawyers and contracts specialists,
  • Helping to grow professional relationships between the firm and its clients, and
  • Helping to support the firm’s development of new client relationships.

David Schrag, Faber’s Senior Director of Information Technology, explained that Creamer’s background in business and psychology, combined with her knowledge of the legal industry, made her ideally suited for this newly crafted position. “Long-term client relationships are obviously the lifeblood of our firm,” he said. “Jennifer will help us understand what makes our existing relationships successful. She’ll also help us craft and convey a message to businesses and individuals in life sciences and other high-tech fields about the value that Faber can bring to their transactions.”

Before joining the Faber team, Creamer served as an assistant recruiter and administrative assistant with New England Legal Search. While there, she was introduced to firm principal Joe Faber. “When I spoke with Joe, it became clear that Faber was not simply a law firm but was also a company that its employees believe in and really care about, and a company that in turn believes and cares about them," she said. Creamer explained that these characteristics played a role in her decision to pursue employment with Faber. “In talking to other employees at the firm, everyone was so kind and consistent in their beliefs in wanting what is best for the company and its employees. Faber is a company that cares about its employees, but also feels a responsibility to address important social issues in the world at large. I am excited and proud to be part of such a thoughtful company.”

Creamer said that Faber’s vast philanthropic and humanitarian efforts also influenced her decision to apply. “Learning about Faber’s support for the Cancer Patient Support Center in Rwanda was particularly wonderful as it exemplifies Faber’s commitment to improving the world and helping those in need.” She added that the firm’s “Days of Service” also impressed her. “In learning more about the company, it was wonderful to see that the Faber team is really a caring group that continues to give back in more ways than one.”

In her new position, Creamer will take on several important tasks, including the development of webinars, legal news updates, and other general substantive content delivery streams to clients. She will also participate in the preparation of responses to RFPs and other requests from current and potential clients about the firm’s professional capabilities, and the engagement by the firm in professional and community associations relating to ESG standards.

“Analyzing our relationships with clients clarifies what Faber does well, and what areas we need to focus on as we continue to grow,” Creamer explained. “This being a new role, it will be interesting to learn more about the company’s needs, and where support can be utilized in the future.”

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