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Faber Announces its Fourth Annual Partnership with deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Summer Pond, 2008 by William Rathbun
Summer Pond, 2008 by William Rathbun

Faber Daeufer & Itrato announces its fourth consecutive year as a Corporate Patron in partnership with the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. Located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, the museum showcases the work of contemporary New England-based artists. With over 3,400 works in its collection and more than 60 sculptures in its 30-acre park, the museum provides a beautiful showcase for contemporary New England art.

DeCordova offers visitors and patrons three areas of focus, comprised of the outdoor sculptures in the Sculpture Park, contemporary pieces within the museum, and a tranquil setting that highlights the art and provides visitors with an enjoyable atmosphere. The sculpture park exhibits are updated annually so visitors can experience something new each year. The indoor exhibitions are changed with the seasons, offering new and existing artists numerous opportunities to showcase new pieces.

The corporate membership initiative provides Greater Boston area businesses exclusive benefits, along with a unique opportunity to support deCordova and New England-based contemporary artists. Sharon Glennon is the Director of Corporate Relations and Art Loan Program, managing deCordova’s Corporate Membership program. She explained, “The Corporate Membership team manages approximately 100 art installations each year in companies that include cutting-edge tech and biotech firms to real estate development companies looking to enhance their properties and work environments by showcasing original arts of work.”

“I love visiting the install sites and working with my team to help the companies identify the prime locations and artwork that will help the company express their own personality and aesthetic,” said Glennon. “Interaction with the company employees is also rewarding—it’s always nice to hear how much they enjoy the program, value the benefits, and look forward to the art rotations. Lastly, it’s a pleasure to meet and work with the Corporate Lending Artists—I particularly enjoy the studio visits to discover new local artists and artwork.”

A Walk through the Forest No. 1, 2000 by Yumiko Nishiyama
A Walk through the Forest No. 1, 2000 by Yumiko Nishiyama

According to Jennifer Klahn, the museum’s Deputy Director for External Affairs, corporate gifts and private donations assist deCordova in servicing the community through art, education, and landscape. Some of the museum’s most notable accomplishments include:

  • Doubling the number of exhibitions and sculpture installations within one year
  • Bringing cutting-edge and prize-winning artists to the museum  
  • Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Lab, which allows all ages to explore the diverse concepts presented within the exhibitions
  • Activating underutilized portions of the park and creating ADA-compliant pathways that will improve accessibility for all visitors
  • Constructing a platform that offers improved views or the museum’s art and unique landscape

“We’re proud that our financial contribution will support deCordova’s mission to cultivate emerging local talent and offer programming that enhances public involvement with the arts,” says Joe Faber, managing principal at Faber. “Our sponsorship gives us an opportunity to share beautiful samples from the museum’s collection with our employees, clients and guests in our Waltham office, and further extend our engagement in this local community.”

The process of choosing pieces for display started with a list of options provided by the museum. “They sent us a PDF of various pieces based on our previous choices,” explains Lynn Bourgeois, Senior Administrative and Legal Assistant at Faber. “A team of staff members then narrows down the choices and we take a fieldtrip to the museum. They pull out the pieces that we chose from the PDF, along with a few others because they sometimes look different in person. From there, we select the final pieces.”  

Strip #10, 1996 by Roberta Paul
Strip #10, 1996 by Roberta Paul

This year, work from the following artists will be displayed throughout Faber’s office in Waltham:

William Rathbun

William Rathbun takes inspiration from his environment and psychological aspects of the mind to create expressive and abstract pieces that spark the viewer’s imagination. With colorful compositions, graphic elements, and fluidness, the viewers eye seamlessly across the paintings. Rathbun, a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston and the Art Institute of Boston, currently works out of Wm. Rathbun Studios in Leverett, MA, creating paintings, works on paper, and Illuminated neon assemblages. His work is featured in the reception area of the Faber office.

Yumiko Nishiyama

Her imaginative dreams provide inspiration for Yumiko Nishiyama’s abstracted nature scenes. With her expressive and unique style, she welcomes the viewer into dreamlike abstract landscapes. A graduate of The Art Institute of Boston, Nishiyama has shown at the Federal Reserve Bank and MPG Gallery in Boston, MA. She is also the proud recipient of an award for local artists in Odawara City, Japan.

Universe Series #1, 2009 by Lynn Avery
Universe Series #1, 2009 by Lynn Avery

Roberta Paul

Roberta Paul received her MFA in visual arts from the University of North Dakota. Her numerous showings include solo exhibitions at the Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, MA, as well as the Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA and the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. Paul’s work is currently included in several collections, including the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and the North Dakota Museum of Art in Grand Forks, ND. Inspired by childhood memories, her layers of collage with photocopied images evoke a dreamlike quality. Paul uses a variety of techniques within her work, including unique combinations of original painted images and found images, such as photographs and wallpaper.

Lynn Avery

Lynn Avery studied fine arts in Paris, France, and Italy. Most recently, she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Avery uses her paintings to reflect on the environment, with paintings of large-scale trees, where the artist calls attention to the subjects as essential, fragile, and hopeful. “The paintings have a spiritual quality because the forest is seen as a sacred place... I try to evoke the sense of sacredness found in all places of worship,” Avery explained. In addition to her deCordova exhibit, Avery has also shown at the Galerie Colette Allendy in Paris.

Speaking about the Rathbun piece that adorns the lobby of the Faber firm, Bourgeois stated, “People are just blown away by it. It’s absolutely beautiful and they really like it.”

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