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Amelia Melas Joins Faber Daeufer & Itrato as an Associate

Amelia Melas Professional Photo
Amelia Melas

Faber recently announced that Amelia Melas has joined the firm’s R&D transactional team. A graduate of Boston University School of Law, Melas served as a Managing Editor for the American Journal of Law & Medicine, one of the country’s leading health law journals. She also has significant experience assisting with matters related to healthcare regulation. “Amelia contributes a fresh perspective to the firm,” said Faber Associate Heather Centauro. “She has firsthand experience with the legal and business challenges that biopharma companies face.” Melas will help to support biopharma companies with the range of services agreements and clinical study contracts which will in turn help accelerate R&D efforts.

Melas also noted that the firm’s philanthropic efforts were a huge factor in her decision to apply and ultimately accept the position as well. “I am excited to work somewhere that gives me the opportunity to give back, both through being involved with firm-wide philanthropic projects, many of which focus on supporting the development and delivery of healthcare solutions in underserviced communities, and through opportunities to perform pro bono work.” She said the opportunity to accomplish both as a Faber associate provided a significant incentive for joining the firm.

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