Educational and Cultural Events Programming Subcommittee


The Educational and Cultural Events Subcommittee seeks to raise awareness and understanding about different cultures, backgrounds, and other factors which make us unique, so that the firm may better be a support system to each employee. This subcommittee focuses its efforts on bringing issues and challenges impacting different communities to light, and in turn helping our people learn how to best support and empower those communities, as well as one another.

Speaking on the book club:
"A great initiative that allowed people a more neutral platform to explore more challenging topics"
Nirosha Sithirapathy, Educational and Cultural Events Programming Subcommittee Member

Educational and Cultural Events Programming Projects

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Firm wide diversity and inclusion training facilitated by outside consultant Jacqueline Cranford from Cranford Advisory Services LLC as well as by the Verna Myers Company. This training helps to provide tools to identify and prevent bias both inside and outside of the workplace

 EDIC Book Club

Co-hosted a book club with the Black Civil Rights Employee Education Subcommittee. The book club provided a platform for open discussion on complex and important issues faced by economic and racially marginalized groups.

EDIC Talk Time

Our own Faber colleagues lead conversations on differing EDI topics. These internal talks ranged from discussions on race and privilege related issues like the Black Lives Matter movement and implicit Bias, to issues relating to to disabilities and chronic illness.