Our Message

At Faber, we are committed to building a workplace that advances equity, celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion. We recognize that these goals are not a destination, but a process, not a test, but a mission.  We believe that engaging with different ideas, perspectives and people enriches our understanding and appreciation of the community in which we participate, identifies and helps to repair social injustice, and meaningfully improves our ability to counsel our clients.  And, as we accelerate our own efforts to improve our workplace, we actively encourage all of our business partners to join us.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Lily Vakili, Chairperson
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Joe Faber, Managing Principal
Member EDIC Council
Ken Itrato, Principal
Member EDIC Council  

EquIty, Diversity and Inclusion subcommittees

Haritha Ambros, Chairperson
Women’s Initiative Subcommittee
Heather Centauro, Chairperson
Educational and Cultural Events Programming Subcommittee
Kori Kaufman, Chairperson
Black Civil Rights Employee Education Subcommittee