“We are creating a singular law firm – by gathering a diverse group of people who share a craving to do sophisticated legal work on exciting projects for good clients, to work in collaboration with close friends, to have fun at work and to find harmony and balance between their work and non-work lives.”

–Joe Faber, Principal

Firm Culture & Overview

Faber Daeufer & Itrato is a dynamic, fast-growing law firm that now employs about 47 lawyers, contracts specialists and administrative professionals, some of whom are located near our offices in Massachusetts, New York and California and some of whom work remotely from other parts of the US and Europe. 


Faber was founded by senior lawyers and contracts specialists who'd worked for Millennium Pharmaceuticals who now sought an independent professional working environment, and a business model that optimized four key elements – financial reward, professional time commitment, working environment and culture, and intellectual challenge. 

HYBRID WORK Arrangements

Both our Boston and New York offices are open as of April 25, 2022, with upgraded ventilation and air purification systems. We require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination from all employees and guests before entering our offices (including all boosters for which the individual is eligible). Masking is not required, but is respected.

We have adopted an individualized approach to return to office, with employees and supervisors working together to create employee specific hybrid work schedules, so that employees may split their time between a firm office and their home office. We have a strong in-house IT team and provide equipment, furniture, smartphone and internet service, and/or other reasonable accommodations needed to be fully-functional from home. 


We compete for talent with the few “big firms” that have sophisticated transactional practices in the life sciences. We determine title, regular billing rate, annual salary, and target bonus for our lawyers based on the relevant skills and experience of each employee. We also provide additional bonus opportunities based on allocations of business origination and retention credit (and, in 2021, 100% of our lawyers with at least 2 years tenure at the firm qualified for additional bonus through this program). Comprehensively, we believe we provide our lawyers a pay/benefits opportunity that, when adjusted for actual billable hours, is higher than at competitor “big firms.” 


We provide our employees very competitive salary and bonus compensation, exceptional benefits, strong mentoring and professional development support, and work-life balance.

We understand the value of flexible working arrangements such as reduced hours schedules, flex-time, compressed workweek schedules, and an annual billable hours target (1600 for full-time lawyers and 1440 for full-time contracts specialists) that is lower than “big firm” billable hours minimum requirements. We work with our employees to find mutually beneficial solutions to work balance needs, including part-time and flexible schedules.


We provide our employees very competitive salary and bonus compensation, exceptional benefits, strong mentoring and professional development support, and work-life balance. 

Our benefits program is exceptional, and includes: 

  • PPO Medical and Dental Insurance Plans (In-Network and Out-of-Network coverage), with our firm covering 100% of family insurance premiums and deductibles for full-time employees 
  • 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan, with our firm contributing 3% (up to legal limit), and in past years contributing an additional 2% profit sharing 
  • Fully paid Parental leave for up to 12 weeks
  • Sabbatical Program: Every employee (other than a current/former Principal) with at least 8 years of tenure at the firm (since their last sabbatical, if any) is eligible for 8 weeks of fully paid sabbatical leave. An employee requesting sabbatical must share with the firm what they’re planning to do and why those activities are meaningful and rejuvenating to them.
  • 100% Employer –Paid Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance 
  • Paid Time Off 
  • Commuter Benefit Program 
  • Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Programs 
  • Wellness Initiatives 
  • A generous employee referral bonus program 
  • Black Civil Rights Employee Education Experience, with the firm covering costs for employees to travel with their families to visit the EJI Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL 


We have a strong commitment to providing opportunities for learning and advancement, including carefully constructed career ladders and on-going personalized professional development planning.

Faber is dedicated to the development of our employees and focuses on training at both broad and individualized levels. Training for our associates includes shadowing
experienced colleagues, reviewing precedent to develop a knowledge of the basis for agreements, as well as attending specialized training sessions which are held throughout the year. Training can also include working with senior lawyers on special projects outside the pressures of an active client matter. One of the firm’s former Principals, Jon Linden, has retired from active client work and has taken a role at the firm dedicated to the development of training materials and to teaching lawyers and contracts specialists. All of this is coordinated by a very engaged Training Committee comprised of senior lawyers from different areas of the firm who help customize individual professional development plans and supervise the training and development of the firm’s lawyers and contracts specialists.

Professional Development
In order to best support our employees in reaching their professional goals, Faber spends considerable time in helping to design individualized Professional Development Plans. Each plan is made thoughtfully, combining the in-sight and goals of each employee with the expertise and knowledge of their managers and firm leadership. Employees are provided with professional support and guidance to accomplish their goals.


Faber has instituted a mentorship program with the goals of ensuring a smooth transition for new hires, supporting our employees in developing professional skills and leadership, and enabling the transfer of knowledge throughout the firm. Mentors serve as a source of support outside of an employee’s relationship with their Manager and are assigned on an individualized basis, taking into account a Mentee’s professional and personal workplace goals. Mentors include Subject Matter Mentors, who provide expertise in certain areas, Peer Mentors, who are of similar seniority and work to share knowledge and cultivate each other’s strength, and "Soft Skills" Mentors, who help develop a mentee's skills in areas like conflict resolution, team-work, and time management. 


The firm makes dollar-for-dollar matching contributions to local charities serving the communities in which the firm’s professionals practice, up to 2% of the employee’s total pre-tax cash compensation. Additionally, the firm makes matching contributions (at $20 per hour) for unpaid time (including labor and expertise) spent working with charitable organizations, up to 2% of the employee’s total pre-tax cash compensation. 

Further, each employee may direct the firm to make a donation, up to an annual aggregate maximum of $300 per employee, to organizations with a charitable purpose or with a stated goal of benefitting the employee’s local community; these organizations do not have to qualify as 501(c)(3) not-for-profits.


We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate against any candidate or employee on the basis of race, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or veteran status. We are committed to increasing participation by minorities and women in the legal profession and expanding the opportunities for minorities and women within the profession. We are proactive in recruiting minority and women lawyers, contracts specialists, paralegals and staff and strongly encourages the interest of these candidates in our firm. 

We believe that we are better able to provide judgment and counsel to our clients based on the diverse experiences and perspectives of our team; we believe that we are better able to provide employees opportunities for professional growth based on our deep commitment to creating and maintaining a work environment that is welcoming, inclusive and intellectually stimulating; and we are an enthusiastic participant in community life through social engagement, philanthropy, and pro bono legal service. 

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